What to Expect When You Arrive

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We practice Fear Free medicine. This means we will work to ensure your pet is not frightened, anxious, or stressed from arrival to checkout. You may be offered a calming bandana for your dog or a calming towel for your cat. It’s important to remember that even if you don’t perceive your pet is stressed, pheromones may be comforting in ways humans can’t see.
We do our best to keep you informed of schedule changes and let you know if there will be a significant delay. Unlike your human doctor, we are wellness, emergency care, and pharmacy facility all rolled into one, and while we pledge to make every attempt to see your pet on schedule, if an emergency arrives, we sometimes must revise our plans to accommodate urgent-care cases. Your pet will receive this same priority if ever an emergency arises in your home. We are always happy to reschedule an appointment if you cannot wait.

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