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3/23/20 Patients Only Policy​​​​​​​

Dear Friends,

As of Monday, 3/23 at 7:30am, we are adopting a *“Patients Only”* policy in the hospital. No clients will be permitted inside. It's important for all of us to follow the governor's directions and do our part to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

So what does “Patients Only” mean? It means that:

· *If you have an appointment,* we will come out to your vehicle and bring in your pet for examination and treatment while you remain in your car. Call us from your car when you arrive and wait for us to come out. If you do not have a cell phone, knock on the door to let us know you have arrived, and then return to your car and wait. When your pet’s appointment ends, s/he will be returned to you and the doctor or tech will review any aftercare and medications at your vehicle or by phone before a client
services rep takes your payment – probably by phone unless you need to use a form of payment other than a credit card or don’t have a cell phone. If that’s the case, we will come to you. *Please do not come inside.*

· *For prescription meds and food pick ups,* call us when you arrive, we’ll process a payment by phone if possible, and bring everything out to you. No phone? Knock on the door to let us know, then return to your car and wait. We will come to you. *Please do not come inside.*

· *Call only if you have an emergency*. We are BEGGING YOU not to call about refills or with general questions. We need to keep our lines open for true emergencies and so our doctors can return all your calls. Please contact us another way for any non-life-threatening questions. That includes things like new-onset diarrhea, ear infections, lhealth certificates, ameness, itching, etc. For right now, this is what we must do. To contact us, you can:

1. Go to our website, From there you can choose the button you need:

a. Request an Appointment (although we are only scheduling emergencies and urgent medical issues at present) and you can can use this to contact us with questions as well;

b. Request a Refill that you can come over and pick up, or

c. Request Home Delivery from our online pharmacy that will be delivered to your door.

2. Use the PetPage app on your mobile phone to email us or go to our website or order through the pharmacy, which takes you to the Home Delivery online store. If you click on the menu at the top left, there are even more specific ways to contact us.

3. Email us at with all non-urgent questions, please. We must keep our phone lines open and our staff free to help with taking items and pets inside and outside. For questions about dirty ears, urinary accidents and that odd bump you just noticed, we’d really like you to email us rather than calling.

If we cannot see you, CPVETS will be open 24/7 until next Monday, 3/30 for your urgent medical needs.

We appreciate your patience as we work through these new methods of veterinary care, and we especially appreciate you helping to keep our phone lines free. This model of care will take longer, and we also have a smaller staff on hand because we are following recommendations to reduce the number of people in the building. You will need to be very patient with us.

We thank you in advance for your smiles and kind words!

Wishing you well,

The CAH Team

3/19/20 NEWEST PROTOCOLS​​​​​​​

Hi, Friends,

We hope all of you are staying home as much as possible and caring for yourselves. At this time we are continuing to be here to care for your pets’ urgent medical needs, but we can only do that as long as none of us get sick. If that happens, we will ALL be quarantined because we work in such close quarters. In order to keep both us and you healthy, we are instituting some additional protocols.

1. If you need to come in for an appointment, *PLEASE CALL US FROM YOUR CAR TO CHECK IN AND STAY IN YOUR CAR *until someone lets you know an exam room is available. For the safety of our staff, we are asking people not to linger in our reception area.

2. *ONLY ONE PERSON PER PET MAY ENTER THE BUILDING.* Please leave spouses and children in the car.

3. *PLEASE STAY SIX FEET AWAY FROM OUR COUNTERS*. It’s quite a distance, we know! But we will do our best to make it work in order to keep us all healthy and able to care for your pets through this trying time.

4. *PAY AHEAD OF TIME IF POSSIBLE.* If you are coming to pick up medications or prescription diets, you can call ahead and pay for those so when you arrive, you can just call us and we’ll run them out to your vehicle. Or call when you arrive, pay by phone, and we’ll bring items out.

5. *NOTIFY US.* If you were in our hospital and then become ill and believe you have contracted COVID-19, please, please contact us and warn us so that we are aware that we may have been exposed. We have older staff members, those with auto immune disorders, and those who have senior family members living in their homes.

We* REALLY* appreciate all of you who are requesting refills and appointments and asking questions through our website and PetPage app! Working with a reduced staff means there are fewer of us to answer the phones, and your willingness to do anything you can online really helps.

Again, we are committed to doing our best to keep your fur family members well cared for until the current crisis improves. {Virtual} hugs from us to you and your pets~

​​​​​​​The CAH Team


During the COID-19 pandemic, our hours may be altered or reduced. Please call to confirm we are open before coming to the hospital.

3/17/20 through 3/27/20 - We will close at 5 pm every day. CPVETS will open at 5 pm 3/17, 3/18 and 3/19 and remain open from Thursday, 3/19 through Monday morning, 3/23 at 7 am.
Saturdays, 3/21 and 3/28/20, we will be closed.


The doctors and staff of Centre Animal Hospital are monitoring this pandemic crisis carefully and are taking every precaution we can to do our part to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, called COVID-19. This pandemic is evolving day by day and the information available will change as we learn more about this new disease. We have sent a client letter via email, which is available here for you to read at the bottom of this page.

As far as we know at this time, animals cannot become ill with COVID-19, and are likely not a source of human infections. However, your pets still may need medical care during this time and we intend to continue to provide that care and treatment for our patients with adjustments as needed. We are open during our regular hours and offer all our regular services. We may need to ask for your patience if we are working with reduced staff.

While we have always actively worked to prevent contamination with appropriate disinfecting protocols, we have implemented a more aggressive disinfecting protocol in light of the current situation. We also have alternative appointment options for those who are immunocompromised, are sick, or are wary of public places for fear of exposure to disease. If you prefer, these options can eliminate or limit the time spent inside our building for your pet's appointment. Please review the client letter (at bottom of page) for alternative appointment options. Of course, you are welcome to come into the exam room with your pet as usual as long as you are not actively sick with any respiratory disease.

Pet Food and Medication Refills:

Pet food and some medications are flying off our shelves as people prepare for possible at-home quarantines. This could result in difficulty maintaining the stock of needed prescription diets and medications. We strongly recommend that you consider calling us one week ahead to ensure that we have your pet's food and medications when you need it. As always, we appreciate our clients supporting us as a small local business by shopping here.

Another easy option is to order your pet’s diet and medications through our on-line store where you can order your pet's prescription or retail diets with no shipping costs, delivered straight to your door! Go to our website and click the “Home Delivery” button. This option continues to support us locally because this online shopping is offered in cooperation with Centre Animal Hospital. It also ensures that you are receiving quality foods shipped directly.

You can also order your pet's heartworm and flea & tick preventives through our Online Store. Again, we know you have other options for online shopping, but hope you choose to continue to support your local businesses with your purchases.

*If you are sick with any respiratory disease and need to bring your pet in for services, we kindly request that you ask for a "Minimal Contact" appointment. This will allow you to wait in your car, while we take your pet inside the clinic for his/her physical exam and any other procedures that are necessary. We can communicate with you over the phone or come to the car to talk to you about our findings and recommendations and your pet will receive the same high level of care we always provide without exposing our staff to unnecessary risk. If you come in for an appointment and we notice symptoms of respiratory illness, we may ask you to wait in the car while we proceed. Please do not be offended- we are just trying to do our part to maintain our doctors’ and staff's utmost safety. We need to stay well in order to continue to care for our patients.

​​​​​​​Here are some links for additional information about COVID-19, as it relates to your pets.

Centre Animal Hospital’s Client Letter re: COVID-19

March 15, 2020

Preventive Measures Regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

To Our Valued Clients of Centre Animal Hospital,

With the concerns related to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to share what we are doing to reduce exposure risk for our clients, staff and patients. While we should not be in “panic mode,” it is appropriate to prepare for the time that our local community may be directly affected by this disease. We plan to continue to provide the high quality veterinary care and client service that you expect from us. We are now offering alternative appointment options to reduce human exposure risk. Our commitment to your health and the public health of our community, as well as the health and safety of your pets, remains our top concern.

Appointment options: Please contact us prior to your appointment time if you would like to take advantage of one of our new options. If you are immune-compromised, or wish to reduce your exposure, we strongly recommend that you take advantage of our Reduced Exposure appointment options. If you are not feeling well, or in a self-quarantine situation, we request that you use the Minimal Contact appointment option below. All of these appointments cost the same, so please choose whichever works the best for you.

  1. Regular appointment: You may come in for your appointment as usual - no special preparation needs to be made. We will minimize direct contact and practice disinfecting protocols as usual.

  2. Reduced Exposure appointment: If you would like to minimize your time in the waiting room but would still like to come inside with your pet for the appointment, call the front desk to check in on your cell phone when you arrive in the parking lot. We will call you back when your exam room is ready and you can enter directly into the exam room without having to wait in the reception area. In the exam room, we can complete the entire appointment, as well as check-out and payment collection. (If you do not have a cell phone, just call us before you leave home. Tell us what type of car you have and we will keep an eye out for you!)

  3. Minimal Contact appointment: If you would like to avoid coming into the building at all, call us when you arrive in the parking lot and we will come to your car to collect your pet and any written notes/questions you may want to share with us. All other communication will be completed by phone while you wait in your car. It may be difficult to communicate well by phone for some issues, but we will work to make everything run as smoothly as possible.

  4. Triage: If you are not sure if your pet needs to come in for an appointment and you are concerned about exposure, please feel free to call and discuss your pet’s condition. We will do our best to determine whether your pet can wait to be seen or should be seen more urgently. There is no cost to call us for triage information!

Medication Refills and Prescription Foods:

  1. Pick-up: Please call ahead to request refills and for pet food pickups so that we can have everything ready for you when you come in. This will minimize wait times in the reception area. If you like, you may call from your car and we will take your payment over the phone and then bring your items to you.
  2. Online Store: You can also order medication refills and pet food through our website, Click the Home Delivery button at the top of the page. We offer food and medications delivered right to your door. We have an ongoing relationship with our store and can monitor and guarantee that you are getting the right medication or food every time. It also continues to support our local business and we appreciate it more than you can know!

Disinfecting Protocols: We already have strict disinfecting protocols in place for all equipment and exam rooms between each patient. We are increasing the frequency in which we disinfect public areas such as the waiting room and restroom. We generally feel that our cleaning and disinfecting protocol has always been sufficient to reduce risk of contagious disease, but have stepped it up in light of recent concerns.

Pet Risk: As far as we know at this time, our pets cannot get sick from this infection. We do know that there have been positive tests on dogs but that they did not show any symptoms of COVID-19 and there is NO evidence that dogs or any pets can spread this disease to humans. Using appropriate hygiene for yourself (hand washing after handling your pet) is the best way to reduce risk. This information will be evolving as we learn more about this disease.

Reducing human exposure risk:

  • At this time, we are open our regular hours for examinations, vaccines and procedures by appointment.
  • We have asked that our employees stay home if feeling ill or if they have had possible exposure to COVID-19, as well as after travel to a higher risk area of the country/world. While we have always emphasized good hygiene due to the nature of our work, we are continuing to enforce frequent hand washing and hand sanitizing for all employees.
  • We kindly request that if you are sick, or at known risk of exposure to COVID-19, that you reschedule non-urgent appointments for a time when you are feeling better. If your pet’s appointment cannot wait, please let us know prior to your appointment so that we can determine the safest way to provide care for your pet. We are attempting to balance care of your pet with protecting you and our employees.
  • We are offering alternate appointment options, described above, to attempt to reduce risk of human exposure to disease.
  • When you come in for an appointment, we kindly request that you use the hand sanitizer available at the front desk. Alternatively, there is a restroom to wash your hands thoroughly if you prefer.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow, or thoroughly wash hands afterwards if using a tissue.
  • Plan ahead: Since we do not have an outbreak locally YET, anyone with pets due for their annual examination, testing and vaccines within the next couple of months may want to consider scheduling their appointment ahead of time to try to avoid having a lapse in the worst case scenario of an outbreak that may lead to quarantine. We will do the best we can to fit people in quickly.

We do ask that you allow us some grace in implementing these alternate appointment options as they are new to us and we may have to adjust the protocols as we go along to allow things to work well for you, our clients, as well as our team. The lower contact appointment options will likely take a little extra time, so take that into consideration as we attempt to keep our schedule running smoothly.

Centre Animal Hospital is doing everything we can to stay informed as more details become available. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and follow the guidance available from the Centers of Disease Control as well as the American Veterinary Medical Association.

We like to think of ourselves and you, our clients, as a team. Together, we will continue to work to provide excellent veterinary care for your pets.

Please feel free to call to discuss any of this information, or to schedule/reschedule/change an appointment in light of this information.


The Veterinarians and Staff of Centre Animal Hospital