What types of pets do you treat?
Currently, we care for dogs, cats, rabbits, and small rodents. We do not treat ferrets or exotics. We do not treat reptiles, birds, or wildlife.
​​​​Do you offer grooming and/or boarding services?
We perform sanitary clips, mat shaving, trim toenails, and express anal glands, however, we do not offer bathing, breed-specific clips, or cosmetic grooming. We do not offer boarding.

Do you accept/treat wildlife?
We do not treat or take in the wildlife. If you found a bunny, a squirrel, a bird or any other wild animal and are in the Central Pennsylvania region, call Centre Wildlife Care at 692-0004 or visit their website or Facebook page.

I found an orphaned kitten.
Please call a rescue organization such as Centre County PAWS for assistance with orphaned kittens. We are unable to take in un-owned animals.

How much do office visits and vaccinations cost?
Please email us to request current prices for specific services for office visits and vaccines. We cannot quote prices on spay, neuter, dentistry, or other surgical procedures until we have seen your pet and/or received a referral from your current veterinarian.

Can you send an estimate for a spay/neuter or other services?
We prefer to see your pet for a wellness visit before scheduling any services, such as spay and neuter, that involve anesthesia. If your pet has been diagnosed by your veterinarian and needs surgery, we request that they complete the referral (link to referral link) so that we can see how best to help your pet.

Can you send an estimate for dental?
We need to see your pet and check the condition of the teeth and mouth before we can accurately estimate the cost of dental cleanings.

My pet has been exposed to a bat - what should I do?
If you have found a bat, there are several factors that determine whether the bat needs to be tested for rabies and whether your pet needs a booster.

If the bat was near your pet or in your pet’s mouth, the bat should be tested for rabies, particularly if you wish to wait to see if it is rabid before your pet gets the booster. If the bat is still alive, prepare a sturdy box with a lid that will close completely (a shoebox works well). Wearing gloves, drop a hand towel over the bat, gently pick up the bat in the towel and place the whole thing inside the box. Close the box and secure it with tape to ensure the bat does not escape. Call Centre Wildlife Care at 814-692-0004. You can take the bat to them and they will hold it in rabies quarantine and advise you.

If the bat is not alive, place it in a box or bag you can seal. Call the Penn State Animal Diagnostic Laboratory at 814-863-0837 and submit it for testing.

*BEDROOM BATS* - If a bat is found in a bedroom, it is considered a rabies risk to any human or animal in the household and should be captured, contained, and taken to Centre Wildlife Care, who will euthanize it and submit it for testing. If you cannot catch it and need help catching the bat in the State College area, call Nittany Valley Varmints at 814-880-0851. They will respond at night for bats found inside. They will catch the bat for a fee, and then have it tested for rabies if it was found in a house. They are required to euthanize and test the bat if found inside a house.

We are unable to make health recommendations for humans. If you are concerned about potential bat exposure for yourself or any human in your family, please call your physician.

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