If at all possible, please give us 24-notice to refill medications. Unlike your human pharmacy, we are a hospital, an emergency center, and a pharmacy all rolled into one. Here’s why we appreciate the notice: doctors are often in back-to-back appointments and are unable to be approached for last-minute requests until they have time for a break. After the doctor reviews the chart and okays the refill, a technician (who may also be in back-to-back patient appointments) must fill your medication and deliver it to the front office. Additionally, if the doctor who initially prescribed the medication is not in on that day, another doctor must have time to read the chart and approve a refill.

Refills of medications, including products for fleas, ticks, and other parasites, may not be filled if your pet has not been seen by our doctors within the previous year. It is unsafe to give medications to pets with whom we do not have an ongoing care relationship and who could have health concerns of which we are not aware of.

If you would like us to mail your medications, we are happy to do so. Please be aware that we are unable to send medicines by overnight mail. We use Priority Mail, and your package will go out the next business day after your call. Please plan accordingly.

To request a refill on a medication, you may:

  1. Use your PetPage app to call, text, or email us.

  2. Call or email us directly.

  3. Use our online pharmacy for home delivery of your medication to have your refill delivered right to your door. Orders placed through our online store typically take at least 5-7 days to arrive. If your medication is needed immediately, please do not use this method.

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