Pet Insurance

We recommend owners of new kittens invest in pet insurance. Just as with human insurance, if your cat has a pre-existing condition, s/he will be denied coverage for that condition. It is wise to acquire insurance before problems crop up. Indoor cats live an average of 12-15 years, and may even live 2 decades, so you should be prepared to offer good care for roughly the next 20 years. Remember to make sure you choose a company that will not exclude your pure-bred pet’s genetic predispositions.

Pumpkin is a company that has especially good plans for kittens and shelter pets. Please read our Pet Insurance blog for more information. You can get a free quote by clicking the button below.

​​​​​​​For more information on how to select an insurance that is the best fit for your pet, what questions to ask a representative, and how to compare several companies, visit our Pet Insurance blog.

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