Parasite Protection


Parasites that can harm your puppy include external parasites that live on your puppy (fleas, ticks), as well as internal parasites, those that live inside your pet (heartworms, hookworms, roundworms, tapeworms, whipworms). We can help you protect your puppy from both types of parasites with monthly preventatives with products such as Simparica TRIO. Our veterinarians will recommend specific products to keep your pet safe from parasites and the diseases they may carry.

To learn about parasitic diseases in dogs, please visit: Your guide to understanding parasitic diseases in dogs at the Pet Health Network.

Visit the Companion Animal Parasite Council’s website to learn more about which parasites are most dangerous in your area.

This parasite map will help you see which diseases are of particular concern for puppies. Pennsylvania currently has one of the highest rates of tick-borne disease (Lyme, anaplasmosis and more) in the U.S. Currently 1 dog in every 10 tests positive for Lyme disease. Do not wait to start your pet on preventatives!
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