How To Feed Your Kitten


Kittens up to about 10 months of age should be fed three times a day. Canned food is preferable initially, or soak the dry kibble in water until the kitten is 12-16 weeks. Use the kitten’s body condition and consult your veterinarian to help you determine if you are feeding too much or too little. Around 10 months to a year, growth begins to slow, and kittens can become obese very quickly. Keep an eye on your kitten and be aware that it soon will be time to cut out the third feeding and transition to adult cat food with fewer calories. Consult your veterinarian if you have a large-breed kitten such as a Maine Coon Cat, as your kitten may grow more slowly and need kitten food for longer. Read more about How Much to Feed a Kitten at this link.

Adult cats can be fed in a variety of ways, but it is vital that you monitor food intake to be sure that your cat does not become obese or, if you have a multi-cat household, that one cat is not eating too much and keeping others from getting a healthy diet. Read Meal Feeding vs. Free Feeding Cats: What's Best? to help you decide how best to feed your cat.

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