Our veterinarians are also skilled surgeons who can remove foreign bodies, repair wounds, remove tumors and growths, perform ovariohysterectomies (spays), Caesarian sections and castrations (neuters), and complete other elective procedures. If you believe you have an emergency, call us immediately or call CPVETS at 237-4670 if we are not open. Visit Animal Emergencies for a list of emergencies requiring immediate medical attention.

When we recommend a surgical procedure, a treatment plan will be developed so that you have some idea of the cost of the procedure, and then you will schedule the surgery. Preoperative bloodwork is done before proceeding. On the morning of surgery, we will give you a drop-off time early in the day and preoperative instructions (link to Pre-Surgery & In-Patient Instructions under Client Resources) to prepare for your pet's visit. When you drop off your pet, you will receive a pick-up time, typically between 4:30 and 5:30pm.

Foreign body removal is one of the most interesting surgeries our veterinarians perform. You may be surprised by the number of calls we get from frantic owners whose dogs have eaten socks, rocks and other things that could cause internal blockages. We have removed coins, batteries, children’s toys, sticks, undergarments, and many other items from dogs’ stomachs. Cats are likely to ingest yarn, string, dental floss, and cat toy parts. Anything string-like is particularly dangerous because it can wrap around the tongue or internal organs and slowly kill a cat.

A child’s rubber ducky retrieved from a dog’s stomach by Dr. Haus

​​​​​​​Wound repair may involve damage inflicted in a fight with another animal. Dog bites are common, but cats who roam outdoors often get into fights with other cats, dogs or wildlife such as groundhogs that can inflict serious wounds. Vehicle accidents are another common cause of injury.

Tumor and growth removals may range from taking off a small external cyst to removing a cancerous tumor from the body cavity. In many cases, we do not not know until after the tissue has been sent out for biopsy whether it is benign or malignant.

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