Environmental Needs & Enrichment For Kittens & Cats


Indoor-only cats need certain things to ensure a high-quality life. We recommend one litter box for each cat you own, plus one extra. Water dishes should be thoroughly cleaned daily to prevent bacteria from growing. Cats can be very picky about their water source and may not drink enough if the water is not fresh. A water fountain is a good investment, giving your kitty a flowing water source.

Cats are solitary, so they need their space. Overcrowding (too many cats) can and will (we guarantee) lead to litter box problems, cats urinating and defecating in inappropriate places, and may lead to bullying, in which some cats prevent others from getting to litter boxes, food and water.

Cats also may enjoy high places, such as a cat tree, comfortable bedding and places to hide. Cats are predators and really enjoy opportunities to “hunt” things. Moving toys and toys on sticks are great fun. Food puzzles are also an excellent enrichment activity for cats, who will quickly learn to work for pieces of kibble by manipulating different types of puzzles. A bird feeder right outside a window where you have placed a cat perch may also entertain your kitty.

Click on Enrichment Ideas, Activities and Products for Indoor Cats for many more ideas on how to enrich your kitten’s environment throughout its life.

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