We work collaboratively with responsible breeders who seek to maintain the breed standard of the dogs they are breeding, who properly socialize their puppies, and who take a lifetime of responsibility for the dogs they breed,

Our purebred or purpose-bred dogs are a living history of the relationship between people and their dogs. Read more at Celebrating the Purpose-Bred Dog.

Over 190 breeds are recognized by the American Kennel Club. Each breed has specific physical characteristics, work purposes and styles, and personalities. At Centre Animal Hospital, we enjoy caring for these diverse dogs and their owners.

We perform:

  • OFA radiographs, auscultation and thyroid screening;
  • Progesterone levels to time successful breeding;
  • Semen evaluation and shipping;
  • Artificial insemination;
  • Pregnancy ultrasound and radiographs; and
  • Cesarian section and other reproductive surgery.
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