CAH Renovations


After 35 years, we are thrilled to announce that we are updating our facilities to better serve your needs! Renovations will occur in a “staged manner,” meaning that we will be open for business throughout this process. However, clients should expect some disruptions of normal operations, including different entrances, different parking arrangements and periods of time when we may need to institute curbside care for safety reasons. We will be updating this page on a regular basis as we move through this process, and we also will be sharing information on social media, as well as sending emails any time there is an important change that will affect clients and patients. *If you do not receive our emails and do not regularly follow social media, please go into your Pet Page app and change your preferences to allow emails so that you can stay up-to-date with our progress.

As you might expect, our Fear Free protocols will be significantly challenged. We may not always have dual entrances during this time, and the noise level may be off-putting to your pets. We encourage you to discuss calming medications with your veterinarian before upcoming appointments in the next year and a half if you have concerns. We promise to do our best to offer your pets the same quality care that you have come to associate with our veterinary practice.

We urge you to follow either our Facebook or Instagram accounts. We publish every bit of renovation-related information on both platforms.

See below for the latest updates.

8/23/23 Parking May Be Affected

On Wednesday, 8/23, our parking lot may be unavailable for portions of the day. You may park along Owens Drive if you are unable to park in the lot, or follow the flaggers' directions for parking assistance. Please call before leaving your vehicle so we can ensure you and your pet have a good experience entering the hospital.

As always, thank you for your patience during our renovation and expansion!

8/17/23 Parking Spaces Open

We have 9 spaces for you directly behind the hospital along the former tree line opposite the back of the hospital. Please do not park in the gravel area directly behind the hospital.

The front entrances are permanently closed and will never be used again. For now, you will need to bring your pet to the Temporary Client Entrance on the Owens Drive side of the building. There is a walkway to the left of the building (looking from the parking spaces) and another that comes straight in from Owens Drive. The bank lot will no longer be accessible for CAH clients, and overflow parking will be on Owens Drive between the stop sign and our driveway.

Construction personnel will be using the rear lot as an entrance to the construction area, and large orders of supplies and materials will need to use this access also. At times certain construction activities may limit or prohibit clients from using the rear lot, and we will try to give as much notification as possible when this occurs.

PLEASE CALL to check in before leaving your vehicle and let us know if you need help getting your pet into the clinic or are having an emergency. We are committed to making your pet's visit as stress-free as possible, and we may need time to shift pets and clients around with just one door in and out. If you are picking up medications and would prefer curbside service, we are happy to do that for you.

Please ensure all carriers, collars, harnesses and leashes are VERY secure before you leave home. We strongly suggest you seatbelt or contain all pets for their safety before you open your doors. The construction equipment may be LOUD and present challenges to getting your pet safely into our building.

As always, we deeply appreciate your patience and consideration during this process.

New East-facing Entrance

W. College Ave

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