Funding Your Pet's Large Medical Expenses

September 9, 2019

Finding ways to pay large (and often unexpected) medical expenses for your pet can be challenging. Below are some suggestions that may help as you consider how to manage the costs associated with healing your beloved companion or keeping him/her as healthy and pain-free as possible.


Sometimes in our distress we forget the simplest methods. Do you have friends or relatives who love your pet who may be willing and able to help you? A phone call or email explaining a diagnosis and the costs associated with your pet’s care may motivate those around you to help.


Care Credit is a special credit card which may be used to pay large out-of-pocket expenses over a period of six months without incurring interest as long as you meet your minimum payments. Applications are simple and can be completed online. You receive an answer about approval and your credit limit within minutes. Learn more at



While this is not a method that will help you in the short run, we strongly encourage you to consider obtaining pet insurance. Our pets are living longer thanks to veterinary medicine, and with longevity may come ailments we are not expecting. Ask us for more information to help you find a pet insurance that works for you and each of your pets.


GoFundMe is the #1 most trusted free online fundraising website. It is a popular fundraising site for individuals who need to raise money in a short amount of time. Crowdfunding harnesses your social media network to help you raise the funds you need. You ask your friends and family to share the story you create with all their friends on social media, and it spreads from there. There is no application process and no wait to get started. Simply create your fundraiser, share your story and accept donations. Learn more at



The Waggle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that offers assistance to financially burdened pets owners and shelters/rescue organizations that are caring for animals with serious medical needs. If you have a diagnosis for care that is unaffordable, you may submit a profile to Waggle. Required information includes the veterinarian's contact info, treatment estimate and pet guardian's Facebook page. After they receive your information, Waggle’s team of professional writers creates the pet's story using information submitted and posts at

For more information, visit



RedRover provides financial assistance, resources and support to pet guardians struggling with economic hardship and survivors of domestic violence and their pets. Typical grants are around $200 and are intended to fill small gaps in care. Applications are required. For more about this program, go to


If you have a pure-bred dog or cat, or one of a highly popular mix such as a Goldendoodle, you may wish to search online for charitable foundations that offer assistance to owners only of those breeds.

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