Food Puzzles and Slow Feeders for Dogs

September 11, 2020

Do you have a "wolfer"? Many dogs eat so fast they practically inhale their food. Sometimes, they promptly regurgitate it when they eat so quickly. Dogs were originally designed to spend much of their day searching for food and eating fast to prevent others from stealing it. But domesticated house pets don't need to do this, so we have created ways to help slow them down. There are two primary methods for working with dogs who eat too fast. Slow feeders and dog puzzles/games can be found on a variety of online shopping sites, particularly those that sell dog foods and products.

Slow Feeders
These feeders are simply food dishes with raised areas inside that force a dog to use its nose and tongue to find the food.

Puzzle Feeders
These food holders are designed to require the dog to use its nose, paws, or tongue to help open a compartment, dig into a container, or figure out a maze. They are particularly helpful for dogs that get destructive when they are bored and high-energy dogs. Puzzles take a variety of forms and are meant to stimulate your pup's intellect and incorporate problem-solving into the daily routine. They range from hide-and-seek to lifting blocks, turning discs, sliding bricks, and snuffle mats.

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