Dr. Michelotti Is Retiring

June 1, 2020

A Letter from Dr. Michelotti

The time is fast approaching. I will be retiring on Tuesday, June 30th after over 37 years practicing veterinary medicine and 32 years with Centre Animal Hospital, the practice I founded in 1988. I have been planning my retirement since I sold the practice to Dr. Calvert and Dr. Smart in 2017. Now I will have time to travel see so many of the beautiful parts of our amazing country. I also plan to spend time with close friends and family, including my three sons, their families and soon to be six grandkids!

It has been my great honor and privilege to come to know so many of you not just as clients but as friends during our years together caring for your pets past and present. It has been especially satisfying to see so many of your pets with orthopedic injuries go on to enjoy a better quality of life after surgery.

As I take my leave, I entrust you to the care of the deeply committed team here at Centre Animal Hospital, many of whom I hired and have worked with for years.

Thank you for sharing your pets with me for more than three decades. I will take many fond memories of my years caring for them into retirement life.

Farewell, friends.
Mark F. Michelotti, VMD

P.S. Although I will no longer be seeing patients regularly, I will still be affiliated with Centre Animal Hospital as a consultant for the next few years, providing special services including more complex surgeries and specialized x-ray procedures

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