Curbside Care

January 7th, 2022
On Monday, 1/10/22 at 7:30am, we are returning to  a “Curbside Care - Patients Only” policy in the hospital. No clients will be permitted inside until further notice.. We regret the need for this, but we are trying very hard to keep our employees healthy and offer uninterrupted veterinary care.

“Curbside Care - Patients Only” means that for all appointments,  we will come out to your car and bring in your pet for examination and treatment while you remain in your car. Call us from your car when you arrive and wait for us to come out. If you do not have a cell phone, knock on the door to let us know you have arrived, and then return to your car to wait. Please do not come inside.

For prescription meds and food pick ups, call us when you arrive, we’ll process a payment by phone if possible, and bring everything out to you. No phone? Knock on the door to let us know, then return to your car and wait. We will come to you. Please do not come inside.

We ask that you please be very patient. This model of care may take longer, and if we have ill/quarantined team members, we may be working with a reduced staff. Thank you in advance for your smiles and kind words!

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